Before and After we migrate your account

Things you’ll need to do before we migrate your account

  • Print and/or email your worker’s their work schedule for up to a week – During migration, you workers will not be able to access the their accounts to see their schedule. Please have a copy sent to their emails or you can print the schedules for them. Please follow this link for instructions if you’ve never done this before. http://docs.launch27.com/knwbase/send-schedules-to-your-teams/
  • Copy Email Templates – In case your emails don’t transition properly, be sure to copy your email templates onto a doc. You will be able to copy and paste them into your new V2 account.
  • Copy URLs with L27 Values the Pre-Select the Booking Form – If you have links on your website that pre-populate your booking form (i.e. name, services, extras, etc.), be sure to have a copy of them. You will need to update the links with new values but the configuration will stay the same. 

Things you will need to do after we migrate your account – After we migrate your data, your account will not be live. You will still work from your V1 account.

  • Choose a plan – Once you log into your V2 account, you will need to choose a subscription plan, be sure to pick the plan that’s best for you.
  • Update your customization to your Booking Form – You’ll have access to your old account to view how your booking form is styled. You will need to update your booking form to reflect the way it looked before. 

Things you will need to do after you V2 account becomes live – After we’ve verified everything works in your V2 account, we will set it live. 

  • Log into your Stripe Account and capture any outstanding charges you may have.
  • Replace “Log in/Sign in” links on your website – If you have a “Log in/Sign in” link on your website, that will need to be updated with your new sign “Log in/Sign in” link.
  • Replace Booking Form Code – You will need to replace your old booking form iframe code on your website with your new booking form iframe code found in your V2 account. If you use only a link, you will need to point any button on your website that points to your booking form.
  • Replace Gift Card Form – For those of you who use the Gift Cards feature, you will need to replace your old Gift Card iframe with the new one found in your V2 account.
  • Download Mobile App – If you have a mobile app you use for your workers, be sure to download the app. If you don’t have a mobile app, you will once your account goes live. The link will be provided to you once your account is live. (an email will be sent the day your account is scheduled to go live for you to down the app.)
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