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Initiating your data/token migration with Stripe

How to initiate your Data/Token migration with Stripe.  When logged in to Stripe, Click on “CONTACT STRIPE” below to request your data migration. In the comment box Stripe provides after, simply put “We wish to transfer our tokens to Fullsteam Operations.”  CONTACT STRIPE: Request Data Migration Forward us the email confirmation you receive after submitting your request to Stripe to migrate your data (send to support@launch27.com). Note: If Stripe asks where you are migrating your data to, simply reply “Fullsteam”. If […]

Before and After we migrate your account

Things you’ll need to do before we migrate your account Print and/or email your worker’s their work schedule for up to a week – During migration, you workers will not be able to access the their accounts to see their schedule. Please have a copy sent to their emails or you can print the schedules for them. Please follow this link for instructions if you’ve never done this before. http://docs.launch27.com/knwbase/send-schedules-to-your-teams/ Copy Email Templates – In case your emails don’t transition properly, […]

What’s New – September Release

Here is a brief list of what we recently updated/added in the new release.   Multi-Location – Allows you to create different service locations based on zip/postal code. Here is an Overview on Multi-Locations. Payments – Team and Staff payments now have a new process. Here is an Overview on Payments. Detailed Logs of every email notification sent out by the system – You can now view a log of all emails and their content by going to Settings > Emails […]

How to Send an Invoice

Bookings paid by Credit Card When you charge your customer via credit card, the system will automatically send an invoice to your Customer.  To resend an invoice for a booking paid by Credit Card, go to: Charge Customers > select the Settings gear next to the Charge Send Invoice   Bookings paid by Cash/Check/Paypal To send an invoice for a booking paid by Cash/Check/PayPal, select Save and Send Message then choose the Non-Credit Card Booking.

How to Install Launch27 into Squarespace

You can install your Launch27 booking form into any of your Squarespace pages by following these steps: In Launch27: Go to Settings > Booking Form > Install Form Choose the correct form to install Copy the code Now, log in to your Squarespace account:  Select the page you would like to edit > hover over the content area and select Edit  Click an Insert Point 3.  Select the ‘code’ icon 4. Paste your Launch27 Booking form code and select Apply […]

Customer Self-Service – Overview

Overview You can allow your customers to log in to Launch27 and manage/edit their bookings by adding a simple link to your website. It is the same login link that you use to login to your account: For example: https://yourbusinessname.launch27.com/login   Create a Booking Select Add Booking from the top menu bar Customer’s name and email will be pre-filled The previous address used will appear in the address field. Your customer has the option to Re-Book their last service done […]

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