Twilio Integration – Overview

Overview Important: Starting September 29, 2017, you must use your own Twilio account and phone number to be able to use Launch27’s SMS notifications feature. Twilio is the service that Launch27 uses to send text message alerts. In order to use the text messaging feature, Launch27 offers a Twilio integration so you can link your Twilio account to send text messages. This article will show you how to create a Twilio account, purchase a phone number and set everything up in Launch27 to send text messages. How […]

Text Message Reminders

Customize your Text Messages Go to Settings > Text Messages Select the Reminder template that you want to edit Make your changes (refer to our list codes to generate booking data) Select Save or Send a Test   Enable/Disable Text Message Reminders Go to Settings Text Messages Select Enable/Disable next to the Text Message template  

Text Messaging – Overview

Overview Launch27 allows you to send various Text Message (aka SMS) alerts: Customer appointment reminders Team schedules Team invitations to do a booking Launch27 integrates with Twilio to send these text messages from a phone number of your choice, and all messages are customizable. How to Enable Text Message Reminders: Text message reminders are enabled by default, but just in case, here’s how you can enable/disable them: Go to Settings > Miscellaneous > Scheduled Tasks Select the Settings icon next to Send Booking Reminder Emails and SMS […]