How to Change the Price of a Service

Unfortunately, we do not let you change the price of an existing Service once its been created. 

We do this to ensure that your existing customers aren't affected by any changes in the price.

Here's how we recommend you change the price of your Service:

Step 1: Archive the current Service that uses the old price

  1. Go to Settings -> Services
  2. Click the Archive button next to the Service you want to delete
  3. When the dialog asks “Are you sure?”, click OK.


Step 2: Create a new Service and set your new price there

  1. Go to Settings -> Services
  2. Click Add New 
  3. Enter your values:
  4. Enter the same Code and Name of the Service you archived in Step 1.
  5. Enter your new Price
  6. Click Save.

Now you will see your new Service with the new Price. All of your Customers that signed up for the archived Service with your old Price will be grandfathered to that old Price going forward.

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