Overview – Discount Codes


Discount Codes (aka Coupon Codes) can be used by Customers when they create a Booking.

  • You may create as many Discount Codes as you like
  • Customers can only use 1 Discount Code at a time (i.e using two Discounts on one Booking is not allowed)

Setting Limits on Discount Codes

Discount codes usage can be limited in two ways:

  • Limited by Number of Uses
  • Limited by Date
Limited by Number of Uses

This indicates how many times a Discount Code can be used per Customer. For example, if you limit the Number of Uses to 2, then each Customer may only use it for two separate Bookings.

Limited by Date

This means that the Discount Code will be valid until a certain Date.
For example, if you set the Date to 12/12/2013, then Customers will not be allowed to use it after that date.


Add a Discount Code

  1. Go to Settings > Promotions > Discount Codes
  2. Click the Add New button
  3. Enter your values.
  4. Enter when you want the Discount Code to expire: after a Number of Uses or on a Specific Date
  5. Click Save.

Delete a Discount Code

  1. Go to Settings > Promotions > Discount Codes
  2. Select the red ‘x’ icon redex to Archive the Discount Code
  3. A pop up will appear asking you to confirm the changes, select Archive to confirm.

Edit a Discount Code

Once a discount code is redeemed by a customer, it will not be able to be edited. You can only edit the code before it is redeemed by a customer.

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