Team Payments – Overview


This feature is use to track how much your Teams earn and whether or not they’ve been paid via a Cash, Check, or Paypal payment.

Create a Payment for your Team

  1. Go to Payments (credit card icon) > Pay Teams
  2. Select the Team that you would like to pay and the time period (defaults to current week) you want to pay them forTeam Payments - teams list
  3. The individual Team payment page will display all bookings the team was assigned to for the selected period
  4. Select the bookings you want to include in this payment, and add any Adjustments to each booking if neededTeam payment bookings list
  5. Choose your Payment Method and make sure the Pay Period Date matches the start of the pay period you want to pay this team for
  6. You may edit the Payment Description and add an Adjustment Amount and Description if neededTeam payment details
  7. You may now click Send Payment to record the payment, or Save Draft if you want to continue working on this payment later.


Delete a Draft Payment

  1. Go to Payments (credit card icon) > Pay Teams
  2. Select the Team that you would like to delete a draft payment for and the time period (defaults to current week) it was saved under
  3. Select the ‘x’ next to the Draft Payment you want to delete
  4. You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the draft payment. Click Delete Draft to confirm.

Your draft payment is now deleted.




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