Schedule Availability based on Team Availability


You can base your schedule availability on the availability of your teams.

Instead of manually setting how many spots are available, Launch27 can set the number of available spots based on the number of teams that are available for any given time slot.

How it Works

If you have 3 teams available at 8:00AM, the schedule will show that 3 spots are available.

If a customer books an appointment for 8:00AM, then the nummber of spots decreases by 1 and there are now 2 spots available.

If you assign 2 teams to that booking, then there will only be one team left, so now only 1 spot is available.

If you assign the 3rd team to that booking, or if another booking is made for 8:00AM, then there will be 0 spots left for that slot.

Note: if you are using the multi-location feature and have a team that belongs to more than one location, then the team will represent 1 spot for each location they belong to (i.e. the locations are independent of one another, and what happens in one location does not affect the availability of another location).

How to enable Schedule Availability based on Team Availability

  1. Go to Settings > Subdomain tab
  2. Go to the Schedule Availability Mode section
  3. Set the Policy to Based on Team Availability

Allowing Teams to Change their Own Availability

Changing a team’s availability directly impacts the number of bookings you’re able to take on. Some businesses prefer to have Staff control this, while others prefer the convenience of having teams do this themselves.

By default, Launch27 will only allow Staff to change a team’s availability once you’ve enabled schedule availability based on team availability.

If you prefer to allow teams to change their own availability, you can change this in your settings:


Managing Schedule Availability

Once your schedule availability is in Team Availability mode, you can see how many teams are:

  • Available: the number of teams that are scheduled to work during that time
  • Needed: the number of teams that are needed based on the bookings and teams assigned to those bookings
  • Free: the number of Available teams minus the number of Needed teams

Booking availability based on Team Availability - Spots Settings - Launch27

If you need to adjust the availability of each team, you can do so by clicking the Available link on the time slot:

Booking availability based on Team Availability - Manage Teams - Launch27


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