Stripe FAQs

Stripe FAQs

Will Stripe work in my Country?

Please check out this list of countries that are supported by Stripe.

Do I need to add Stripe code to my site?

No you do not need to add any code from Stripe into your site to accept payments. This is done for you automatically when you Connect with Stripe via the Site Setup wizard.

Can I add money to my Stripe account?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer/add money into your Stripe account balance. Funds can only move into your Stripe balance from transactions processed via credit/debit card.

There is no way to add money to your Stripe account like you would transfer money into something like Paypal.

My Stripe account shows a Customer, however it does not show a Payment for the Amount that was charged.

Please ensure that the email address used by the Customer to create the Booking is different than the email address associated with your Stripe account.

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