Booking Form

Enable Duration for Bookings

Overview Now you can set a duration (i.e. time estimate) on your Services , Pricing Parameters and Extras for how long you think it will take to perform each task (i.e. 2 hours 0 min for a One Bedroom service).  When a Customer books an appointment, we’ll calculate Duration estimate for the booking based on the services chosen by the customer. Step 1) Enable Booking Duration Feature Go to Settings > Subdomain tab Scroll down to Booking Duration Enable Save Changes […]

Add Multiple Services to a Booking

Overview You are now able to select Multiple Services for a single booking. Step 1) Enable the Multiple Services feature Go to Settings > Subdomain tab Scroll down to “Bookings with Multiple Services” Choose Enabled Click Save settings   Step 2) How to Add Multiple Services to a Booking Go to the Booking Page Scroll down to Services offered Select “Add Service”  

How to mark a Booking as Completed

Overview Now you can mark a booking as Completed as soon as the service time passes. Just go to the booking at any time after its service time has passed and click “Complete”. The booking will then be marked as completed, and you will see it added under the assigned Team on your Team Payment’s page

Hide the Sidebar on the Premium Form

Go to Settings > Booking Form > Premium Form Designer Click on Form Settings Check the “Hide sidebar” option Click Save   After you hide the sidebar, the sidebar will be hidden on your premium form and the Booking Summary section appears at the bottom of the form:

Change the Color of the Icons in the Content area of the Cleaning Booking Form

The icons will match the Primary Color setting in the Cleaning Form Designer.  NOTE: if you replace these icons with your own icons, the icons will no longer match the Primary Color setting. Settings -> Booking Form -> Cleaning Form Designer Click on the “Settings” icon on the left side of the screen The icons will match the Primary Color that is set in the Form Settings. Choose a color. Click Save   Here’s what the form looks like with […]

Pre-fill the Zip Code into your Booking Form

If you want to pre-fill the Zip Code into your booking form, you can do so by adding a querystring parameter (i.e. “?zip=myzipcode” ) to your booking form link. For example, my booking form is installed on a page like this: http://my-site.com/book-now If I want my zip code ‘12345’ to be pre-filled into form, I would add “?zip=12345” to the end of my link: http://my-site.com/book-now?zip=12345 Now when somebody clicks that link on my site, the zip code will be pre-filled into the […]

How to Pre-fill the Discount Code field with a Discount

If you would like to have a discount code pre-filled into the booking form when a Customer goes to your booking page, all you need to do is this add ?rcode=your-discount-code at the end of your booking page URL. For example if your booking page URL is https://maidsinblack.com/book-now/, you need to make your link look like: https://maidsinblack.com/book-now/?rcode=your-discount-code If your booking page URL is https://maidsinblack.com/book-now.html, you need to make your link look like: https://maidsinblack.com/book-now.html?rcode=your-discount-code

How to Pre-Select Values on the Booking Form

Overview You can pre-select the Service and Frequency on your booking form. This would be useful if you want to share a link for a specific service you offer. Once the customer clicks that link, they’ll be taken to your booking form with the service already selected for them. How it Works By adding certain key-value pairs (called query string parameters) to the URL  of your Booking page, you can tell the Launch27 booking form which Service and/or Frequency to pre-select when […]

How to Customize the Headings and Labels on the Premium Form

How to Customize the Headings You can change the text of the headings by doing the following: Go to Settings -> Booking Form -> Premium Booking Form Designer (or choose Default Booking Form Designer if you want to edit the default form) Click on the heading you want to edit A panel with the title Heading Settings will open to the left of the screen that lets you change customize the heading. Click Save at the bottom of the Heading Settings panel to save your […]

How to use a Test/Demo Credit Card to test the Booking Form

If you’d like to use test/demo credit cards to test out the booking form you can do so by entering in your Stripe account’s test keys. Step 1: Copy your the Test Keys from your Stripe Account Log in to your Stripe account Click the API link in the left menu Copy the values for Test Secret Key and Test Publishable Key Step 2: Enter your Stripe Test Keys into Launch27 Login to Launch27 Go to Settings -> Stripe tab Choose the Stripe API […]