Booking Form

Overview – Custom Fields

Overview Custom Fields on your Booking Form will allow you to capture additional info from your Customers when they create a Booking, however it will not factor in to the total cost of the booking. Your custom fields will be displayed towards the end of your Booking Form, right above the Payment Info section. The custom fields will also be displayed in your staff booking forms and can also be included in the booking info of your email notifications. Some commonly […]

Troubleshooting the Booking Form Widget

Here are a few common problems you may run into when installing the widget: The Booking Form looks cut off on my site The Booking Form shows the main navigation menu The Booking Form shows my site logo Make Sure the Widget Code is Correct (Most Common Solution) ​Please make sure you copy the code exactly as it is from your Widget page. You want to make sure the URL in the code uses ‘https’ (NOT ‘http’): ​ <iframe scrolling=”no” […]

How to Change the Height of the Booking Form Widget

Here's how you can change the height of your booking form widget: Go to Settings -> Booking Form Widget In the Configure section, set the Height to the value you want. As you change the Height value, you can see the height of the Preview form change. Copy the code from the Paste the Booking Form into your site field Paste the code into your web site.   ​

Add a Booking Form to your Website

Overview The Booking Form allows your Customers to sign up for your Services. They fill out their info, pick out the Service they want and place their order. You can add your booking form to your website by: Embedding the Booking Form into a page on your site Linking to the Booking Form from your site Embedding the Booking Form Use this method if you prefer to keep your Customers on your site while they are booking. You simply copy […]