Save Booking as a Quote

Overview You can save a booking as a quote so that your customer can create a booking at a later time that matches the exact terms you quoted them. This eliminates the need for the customer to re-enter each detail when they go to book their appointment, and it saves any price adjustments or discounts you quoted them. After you save a booking as a quote, you can then give the customer a URL that will pre-populate your booking form […]

Saving Changes to Recurring Bookings

Overview Launch27 lets Staff apply changes made to a booking in a recurring series to: This Booking only (i.e. the booking being edited) This Booking  + All Future Bookings Specific Bookings you choose This is useful if you need to make changes that should apply only to certain bookings in the series, while keeping the rest of the bookings unchanged. Here’s a few examples: Customer needs to make a one-time date/time change or change in their normal service A team is usually assigned to a booking […]

Allow Customers to Add Tip/Gratuity themselves

Overview Customers can login to their self-service account to add a tip/gratuity to their booking. Enable Tip feature for Customers You must first enable the setting in your account that allows customers to add tip themselves. If you do not enable this setting, the system will not allow customers to add a tip when they are booking via your form, or in their self-service account: Login as an admin Go to Settings > Subdomain tab Scroll to the Bookings Settings section Choose […]

What makes a customer a New Customer?

Overview You will notice that some customers are labeled as “New Customer” on the Active Bookings page. Launch27 does this so that you can easily see who your new customers are versus your regular customers. Rules for being a New Customer The system considers a customer to be new when the customer: has at least one active booking that has not been marked as completed yet has 0 active completed bookings Examples of when a Customer is New Customer scheduled their first booking but had […]

Editing/Cancelling Future Bookings availability

Overview As a reminder, Launch27 doesn’t actually create the “next” booking in a recurring series until the current one is marked as completed. However, if a Staff user needs to edit/cancel a future booking that has not been created yet, the system will still allow you to do so. We do this by first creating the booking you want to change, then allowing you to make the changes to this newly created booking as you normally would. Important: as of July 2017, only staff […]

Ask for a Reason when a Customer Cancels

Overview Launch27 gives you the option to ask for a reason why a booking is being cancelled. You may want to do this if you want to get more insight from customers on why they cancel to improve your operations. How It Works: Once its enabled in your account, when a Staff or Customer goes to cancel a booking, the system will require them to provide a reason for cancelling. A reason must be provided or the system will not […]

Adding Notes and Comments to a Booking

Overview You have the option to add different types of notes in Launch27: Staff Notes for a booking (added by staff) Customer Notes for a booking (added by the customer) Comments on a Booking (added by staff, customer, or teams) Staff/Customer Notes vs Comments on a Booking The main difference between the Staff/Customer notes and the Comments is that the notes are “permanent” (i.e. copied to future bookings in a recurring series), whereas comments are only added to a particular […]

Making Items One-Time vs Every Time in a Recurring Booking

Overview You have the option of setting these items as “This Booking only” or “every booking” on a recurring booking: Extras Tip Price Adjustment This is useful when: the customer only wants to have the extra service done for a specific booking in the recurring series the customer wants to add the same Tip amount for every booking staff wants to add a Price Adjustment for “This Booking only” or for every booking Default Preference for Extras You can specify […]

Invite Teams to a Booking

Overview The Invite Teams feature allows you to automatically invite all available teams via email/SMS to see if they’re interested in doing a booking. Teams can reply back as “Interested” or “Not Interested”, and have the option to leave Comments or a Bid amount (i.e how much they’re willing to do the job for). Your staff can then see who’s Interested when they’re doing their scheduling and dispatching. How it Works Before you can use this feature… You must have […]

Schedule Availability based on Team Availability

Overview You can base your schedule availability on the availability of your teams. Instead of manually setting how many spots are available, Launch27 can set the number of available spots based on the number of teams that are available for any given time slot. How it Works If you have 3 teams available at 8:00AM, the schedule will show that 3 spots are available. If a customer books an appointment for 8:00AM, then the nummber of spots decreases by 1 […]