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How to setup CartHook

Overview Launch27 now integrates with Carthook to allow you to capture email addresses as they’re typed into your booking form. CartHook automatically tracks and emails visitors to your site who start, but don’t finish booking an appointment. Learn more here.  How to Setup CartHook Note: You must first have a CartHook account to integrate with Launch27. If you don’t have one, please create one. Go to Settings > Miscellaneous > CartHook Follow our instructions for finding your CartHook Merchant ID Paste the Merchant ID into the […]

How to Create Google Analytics Conversion Goals for your Booking Form

Overview A conversion is when somebody books an appointment on your booking form. Every time a customer books an appointment on your form, Launch 27 sends this ‘conversion url’ to Google Analytics that you can use to create goals:  /virtual-pageview/booking/widget/success.htm Google Analytics lets us use this conversion url to create goals that will help you figure out which websites (or ad campaigns) are sending you the most customers. Here’s what the URL will look like in your Analytics Reports:   Step 1: […]

Installing Google Analytics on your Booking Form

The following instructions can also be found on the Google Analytics settings page in your Launch 27 account. Step 1. Make sure you have Google Analytics Universal installed on your site. No, I have not installed Google Analytics. If you have not installed Google Analytics on your site, please follow these instructions on how to do it: How to Setup Google Analytics (Universal) Yes, I have installed Google Analytics. Awesome! Please make sure you’re using Universal Analytics. If you’re not, please follow […]

Overview – Google Analytics

“Where are your Customers are coming from?” When you link Google Analytics to your Launch 27 account, you’ll finally be able to get answers by seeing exactly where your paying Customers are coming from. Measure ROI with Google Analytics from Launch 27 on Vimeo.   Getting Started with Google Analytics​ Please check out these articles to get started with Google Analytics: Installing Google Analytics on your Booking Form How to Create Google Analytics Conversion Goals for your Booking Form