Multi-Locations – Overview

Multi-Locations – Overview What can Multi-Locations do for you? Do you service multiple locations that require different pricing? Are you receiving bookings that are not in your service areas? Do you want to grow your revenue by servicing multiple locations? Multi-Locations allows you to do all of the above and more: Create different service locations based on zip/postal code Offer different pricing and scheduling availability for each of your service areas Prevent customers from booking appointments if they live outside […]

Restricting where customers can book from

Sorry, unfortunately we we do not support this. Here's our explanation why: "You wouldn't want to do this. People book from out of  town all the time if they are traveling, or parents from out of town book  for their kids all the time. On top of this IP addresses are not a great  marker of location." – Rohan, Maids in Black / Launch 27