Referral Programs

How to Set up Referral Program Link to send in Emails

Overview Learn how to export your Customers data from Launch27 to send out an email campaign for your customer referral program.   Step 1: Enable the Referral Program Enable the Referral Program. Below are detailed instructions on how to enable the Referral Program. http://docs.launch27.com/knwbase/overview-referral-programs/   Step 2: Export your Customer Data Go to: Customers > Click the Export customers button Under Standard Fields, make sure you select Referral Code Click Download   Step 3: Import CSV into Software Import the CSV into your email marketing software. You will […]

How to Disable a Referral Program

How to Disable a Referral Program Login to your Launch 27 account as a staff or admin user. Go to Settings -> Promotions -> Referral Program. Click the edit button next to the Referral Program. Set the End Date to Today's date. Click Save   What happens when I disable my Referral Program? When you disable your referral program, new customers will no longer being able to use a referral code or link to get a discount. However, all of your existing customers can […]

Overview – Referral Programs

Overview The Referral Program allows your business by letting you reward your customers every time they refer a friend to your business. How it Works We give each of your customers a unique code and a URL that they can share with their friends. You may set this URL to any web page that has your booking form installed on it (i.e your website’s booking page). When the friend goes to the URL to make a booking, the unique code is entered into the Discount Code field […]