Schedule Availability

Set your Business Hours

Overview Launch27 allows you to set your business hours for each day of the week: Monday – Friday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM Saturday: 8:00AM – 1:00PM Sunday: Closed If a customer tries to book an appointment for a time that is outside of your business hours, the system will show that time as unavailable. If you have our multi-location feature, you can also set different business hours for each location in your account.   How to Set your Default Business Hours Go […]

Add Holidays to your Booking Availability

Overview Launch27 allows you to set certain dates as holidays on your booking availability. This can be used to prevent customers from booking appointments on holidays that your business is closed on. How to Add Holidays to your Booking Availability Go to Settings > Booking Availability Click on the Holidays tab Click Add New  Choose a Date that your business is closed on. If you are using the multi-location feature, you may also choose the location(s) you want to apply the Holiday to. Enter […]

Manually Override your Available Spots when in Team Availability mode

Overview If you’re using Team Availability mode for your Schedule Availability, then there may be times when you want the system to ignore whatever your actual team availability is and use some value you specify instead. Reasons for doing this may include: You prefer to manually plan your schedule when you need to You don’t want customers booking at certain times We’ll show you two ways to override your available spots to ignore your actual team availability: Prevent New Bookings (aka. locking a spot) to […]

Exclude Teams from your Schedule Availability (Team Availability mode)

Overview If you’re using Team Availability mode for your Schedule Availability, then there may be times when you have team users in the system that you don’t want counted as available to work. Examples of this could include: a new team is not ready to start a new team is shadowing more experienced teams for training you have a team supervisor that goes out to jobs with the team(s) doing the work In these situations, you may exclude these teams from your Schedule Availability so […]

Schedule Availability based on Team Availability

Overview You can base your schedule availability on the availability of your teams. Instead of manually setting how many spots are available, Launch27 can set the number of available spots based on the number of teams that are available for any given time slot. How it Works If you have 3 teams available at 8:00AM, the schedule will show that 3 spots are available. If a customer books an appointment for 8:00AM, then the nummber of spots decreases by 1 […]