Auto-Charge & Put Credit Cards on Hold

Overview You have the option to automatically put holds on credit cards and charge them in Launch27 using these scheduled tasks: Put On Hold With Stripe Charge Cards With Stripe How it Works Once enabled, these tasks allow you to specify the time of day to run each task relative to a booking’s service date: Same Day as booking X days Before a booking X days After a booking For example, you can: Put Cards on Hold at 7:00AM on the SAME DAY as the booking, and […]

Stripe – Overview

Stripe – Overview Connecting to Stripe will allow you to accept payments from your customers via credit card. Stripe charges a flat rate of 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge. How to Connect to Stripe Go to Settings Select your Stripe tab Select No Payouts (Payouts to Teams and Staff is no longer available) Select Connect to Stripe Once you are connected, you will see a green tag labeled ‘Connected’.

Stripe FAQs

Stripe FAQs Will Stripe work in my Country? Please check out this list of countries that are supported by Stripe. Do I need to add Stripe code to my site? No you do not need to add any code from Stripe into your site to accept payments. This is done for you automatically when you Connect with Stripe via the Site Setup wizard. Can I add money to my Stripe account? Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer/add money into your Stripe […]

Link Existing Stripe Customer to a Customer Record

Link Existing Stripe Customer to a Customer Record If you have an existing customer in your Stripe account that you want to link to a Customer record in your site, do the following: Step 1: Get the Customer’s ID from Stripe Log in to your Stripe Account Go to Customers Find the Customer you want to link Copy the ID (i.e. ‘cus_blahblahblah’) ​ Step 2: Paste the ID from Stripe into the Customer Record Login to your Launch 27 account […]

What is Stripe Connect?

What is Stripe Connect? Stripe Connect is an easy way for you to connect your Stripe account to Launch 27 so you can accept payments from your Customers. There’s no coding required or configuration to set up. You simply log in to your Stripe account and you’re all set.