account management

Error When Clicking the Confirmation Link

Overview Are you or your Customers/Teams/Staff seeing an error message when they click the account confirmation link? This usually happens when the customer tries to confirm their account multiple times, and the system sends them multiple confirmation emails. For security reasons, we have to generate a new confirmation link each time this is done. The error they are seeing is because they are not clicking on the MOST RECENT confirmation email link. They need to click on that one in order […]

User Roles and Permissions

User Roles and Permissions Here’s an overview of the different Roles you can assign. Staff Staff can do the following: Manage Bookings Manage Customers View Reports (excluding Dashboard and revenue related reports) Manage Services Manage Extras Manage Frequencies Manage Booking Spots availability Manage Discount Codes Manage Teams Manage Email and SMS (text message) Templates Gift Cards   Staff: Technical Administrator Technical Administrator can do the following: Everything Staff role can do Manage Staff   Staff: Administrator The Administrator role is […]

Confirming a Customer Account

Customers must confirm their accounts first in order to sign in to the site. Here’s how it works: We send them a confirmation email to confirm their identity. They click the confirmation link They’re taken to a page where they create a password for their account. Now the Customer will be able to sign in to their account.

How do Customers Create an Account?

Customers accounts can be created in 2 ways: 1) After Making a Booking After a new Customer makes a booking on your site, they'll be asked if they want to Confirm their Account. Once they confirm their account, they'll be able to sign in to your site and see all of their Bookings etc.   2) The Signup page: Customers can create an account by visiting the signup page.    http://my-company.launch27.com/signup   You can find links to the Signup page […]

How to Reset your Password

You can reset your password by: Go to the sign in page (i.e. http://my-company.launch27.com/login) Click the Forgot your password? link Enter your Email Click the Submit button Instructions for resetting your password will be emailed to you (check your Junk folder if you don’t see it in your inbox).

How do I Sign In to my Account?

To sign in to your account, go to the sign in page:   http://my-company.launch27.com/login   This sign in page works for your:  Customers Staff  Administrators