Receiving Real-Time Web Notifications

Overview Launch27 can send real-time notifications to your desktop browser any time an important event happens to a booking (i.e. a staff or customer creates, changes or cancels a booking). To use this feature, you must grant permission to Launch27 to send notifications to your browser. Once you do this, you’ll see a notification while you’re logged into Launch27 as soon as the event happens: Clicking on the notification will take you to the booking. How to Enable Desktop Notifications Click on the article for […]

How to Manage a Team’s Email Preferences

How to Manage a Team’s Email Preferences Go to Settings -> People -> Teams Click on the Team whose email preferences you’d like to change Click the Email Preferences tab Check/un-check any email you want to subscribe/unsubscribe the Team from receiving Click Save Changes  

Email/Print Your Team Schedules

How to Email/Print your Team Schedules After assigning bookings to your Teams, you can email/print them a copy of their Schedule for a particular date range: Go to either Bookings -> Active Bookings or the Scheduler page Click the Send Schedule button Choose a Date range you want to print/email a Schedule for. Note: Make sure that you have assigned Teams to your Bookings for this date. If you don’t, your schedules will NOT be emailed/printed. Click Send to Teams or Print […]

How to Enable/Disable Email Notifications

How to Enable/Disable Email Notifications You’re permitted to disable certain email notifications if you prefer: Go to Settings -> Email Notifications Find the Email Notification you want to enable/disable. Click the Enable/Disable button. If it’s enabled, you’ll see a green enabled button, a red button if its disabled) . Click Ok to confirm you want to proceed   Which Emails Can’t be Disabled? You may not disable the following emails that are used by the system: Forgot Password Email Confirmation […]

Email Notifications FAQs

Email Notifications FAQs Are Email Notifications sent automatically? Email notifications (i.e. follow up emails) are sent out automatically. Emails will be sent ‘From’ the support email address in your Site Settings (i.e. My Account -> Subdomain). Check out the email notification schedule for more info. Can I view a list of all of the Email Notifications that have been sent to the Customer? Yes, we keep a log of all of the emails notifications that have been sent for each […]

Email Notifications Schedule

Email Notifications Schedule Manual Emails The following emails must be sent manually by you. Booking Confirmation (recommended, not required) ​​Once you’re absolutely sure you can definitely do the booking (i.e your Team can make it for that date), we recommend you manually send a Booking Confirmation. For more info, read the FAQ about this email. Team Daily Schedule Schedule sent to respective TEAMS of all jobs that were assigned to them. Read How to Send Schedules to my Teams for […]

Email Notifications – Overview

Email Notifications – Overview Email Notifications get sent to your Customers, Support inbox, Teams and Staff whenever something important happens. A few examples of the notifications we send out are: Booking Confirmation Rate Our Service (after Team performs service) Booking Cancellation Upcoming Booking Reminder for Customers Team Schedules   How to Edit your Email Templates You can edit the following parts of the email templates: Subject – the subject line of the email Pre-Header – the “preview” text of the email message displayed in […]

View Email Notifications sent to Customers

You can view a log of all of the Email notifications that have been sent to the Customer for any Booking by: Go to Active Bookings Click on the Booking you want to see Email Notifications for Click the View Changes button Among all of the changes made to this booking, you will see a each email notification that was sent.