Create a Test Booking

Create a Test Booking via Booking Form: Fill out the booking form on your site Login to your Launch27 account View the test booking in your Active Bookings page. Create a Test Booking via the Staff Login: Login to Launch27 Selecting the + icon Add Booking. Create a Test Booking Without Entering Card Information: Settings > Subdomain tab Check to accept Cash as a payment method Create your test booking NOTE: Adding your credit card information will not cause the system to charge your card. […]

Exclude 1st booking from Recurring/Frequency Discount

Overview This feature will allow you to exclude the frequency (aka recurring) discount from the first booking in the recurring series. To Enable this, go to: Settings > Subdomain tab Scroll down to Recurring Bookings For the option of Frequency Discount, select “Excludes the First booking of a recurring appointment” Click Save Settings Once this setting is enabled, when customers create a recurring booking, the first booking will not have the discount applied. From the moment you enable this setting, when a new recurring booking is […]

Enable Duration for Bookings

Overview Now you can set a duration (i.e. time estimate) on your Services , Pricing Parameters and Extras for how long you think it will take to perform each task (i.e. 2 hours 0 min for a One Bedroom service).  When a Customer books an appointment, we’ll calculate Duration estimate for the booking based on the services chosen by the customer. Step 1) Enable Booking Duration Feature Go to Settings > Subdomain tab Scroll down to Booking Duration Enable Save Changes […]

How to Mark a Booking as Complete

Booking Complete – Overview Now you can mark a booking as Completed as soon as the service time passes. Just go to the booking at any time after its service time has passed and click “Complete”. The booking will then be marked as completed, and you will see it added under the assigned Team on your Team Payment’s page

View Future Recurring Bookings on Schedule Bookings Page

Future Recurring Bookings The only thing you need to do is Set the “Block X recurring booking(s) into the future” setting by: Go to Settings > Subdomain tab. Set a value for “Block X recurring booking(s) into the future” Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.   Next, when you visit the Schedule Bookings page, you will see the booking for a recurring customer blocked off.

Prevent Bookings Too Soon to the Service Time

Prevent Bookings Too Soon to the Service Time If you prefer to have a certain amount of notice before a new booking is created, you can prevent customers from creating bookings within a certain number of hours before the Service time. Example: Customers cannot create a booking less than 24 hours before the service time. Here’s how to set this up in your Launch27 account: Go to Settings -> Subdomain tab Go to the Booking Creation section Set the number […]

How to Accept Cash/Check as Payment

The Cash and Check payment options are disabled by default, but you can enable them by: Go to Settings On the My Account page, click the Subdomain tab Go to the Payment Options checkboxes, and select Cash and/or Check   Click Save Changes Now your Customers will have the option to pay with Cash or Check when they create a Booking. Customers may also change their form of Payment back to Credit Card by logging into their account.

Sync Bookings to Google Calendar

Overview Admins and Teams can now sync their Launch 27 bookings to their own Google Calendar.  Although we update Google Calendar with changes from Launch27, we do NOT update Launch27 if you make changes to the bookings in Google Calendar. What will be displayed on my Google Calendar? The sync will show all of your Active Bookings (bookings not Cancelled). Your Forecasted Bookings in a recurring series will be synced when they become an Active Booking (when the forecasted booking becomes […]

Set up Late Rescheduling Policy

Overview Have you ever had a customer reschedule at the last minute?  Our custom Late Rescheduling Policy feature lets you specify how much time before their appointment date that a Customer can reschedule their booking. The default rule the app enforces is '5pm the day before your appointment". However, you can change it to X hours/days before their appointment if you prefer.   How to set a custom Late Rescheduling Policy: Login to your account as an Admin Go to […]

Add a Tip/Gratuity to Booking as Staff user

Log in to your Launch 27 account Go to the Active Bookings page Click the Booking you would like to add a Tip to Enter an amount into the Tip field Click Save Changes To actually charge the customer for this tip (if you’ve already charged them for the regular service) go back to the Payments page to charge the booking again for the Tip amount: https://launch27.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/1529857-how-to-charge-a-customer