Ask for a Reason When a Customer Cancels

Overview Launch27 gives you the option to ask for a reason why a booking is being cancelled. You may want to do this if you want to get more insight from customers on why they cancel to improve your operations. How It Works: Once its enabled in your account, when a Staff or Customer goes to cancel a booking, the system will require them to provide a reason for cancelling. A reason must be provided or the system will not […]

Cancel a Recurring Booking

Cancel a Recurring Booking – Overview When a Staff user tries to cancel a booking in a recurring series, the system will ask if it should cancel: This Booking only (i.e. the booking being edited) This Booking  + All Future Bookings Specific Bookings you choose This gives Staff the flexibility to cancel only certain bookings vs all bookings in the  series. Here’s a few examples of when this would be useful. How to Cancel a Recurring Booking Staff users may cancel a recurring booking by: […]

How to set a Late Cancellation Fee

Go to Settings  Click the Subdomain tab Enter a flat amount into the Booking Cancellation Fee field (or enter 0 if you do not want to charge a fee). Click Save Changes.

Cancellations – Overview

A booking can be cancelled by either Staff or the Customer by logging in to their Customer account. When a booking is Cancelled the following emails are sent out if they are enabled in your email templates: Sent to Customers Booking Cancellation: Sent to the customer when the booking is cancelled by the Customer.  This is to confirm the cancellation. Booking Late Cancellation: Sent to the Customer when the booking is cancelled by the customer via their customer account. Customers may incur a […]

Restore a Cancelled Booking

Sometimes a Customer may want to undo their cancellation and ask that you restore their original Booking. Go to Bookings -> Cancelled Bookings Click the Restore button next to the Booking you want to restore When the dialog asks “Are you sure ?”, click OK. 

Cancel a Booking

Both Customers and Admins can cancel a Booking. If the Booking is cancelled within the late cancellation window, the Customer can be charged a late cancellation fee. Go to Bookings -> View Active Bookings Click the Booking you want to edit. Click Cancel Booking. When the dialog asks “Are you sure you want to cancel this booking?”, click OK.