Stripe – Overview

Stripe – Overview Connecting to Stripe will allow you to accept payments from your customers via credit card. Stripe charges a flat rate of 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge. How to Connect to Stripe Go to Settings Select your Stripe tab Select No Payouts (Payouts to Teams and Staff is no longer available) Select Connect to Stripe Once you are connected, you will see a green tag labeled ‘Connected’.

Test/Demo Credit Card to Test the Booking Form

Test/Demo Credit Card to Test the Booking Form If you’d like to use test/demo credit cards to test out the booking form you can do so by entering in your Stripe account’s test keys. Step 1: Copy your the Test Keys from your Stripe Account Log in to your Stripe account Click the API link in the left menu Copy the values for Test Secret Key and Test Publishable Key Step 2: Enter your Stripe Test Keys into Launch27 Login to Launch27 Go to […]

Link Existing Stripe Customer to a Customer Record

Link Existing Stripe Customer to a Customer Record If you have an existing customer in your Stripe account that you want to link to a Customer record in your site, do the following: Step 1: Get the Customer’s ID from Stripe Log in to your Stripe Account Go to Customers Find the Customer you want to link Copy the ID (i.e. ‘cus_blahblahblah’) ​ Step 2: Paste the ID from Stripe into the Customer Record Login to your Launch 27 account […]

Pre-Authorize a Customer’s Credit Card

The Problem Before we would wait until after the job was completed to charge the credit card.  That worked…unless the person’s card declined, then we would suffer a loss unless the client updated a new credit card.  We lost a lot of money this way. Next step was to charge the credit card before we started the job.  Problem then was having clients cancel before we got there and having to issue refunds (or having folks be mad that we […]

Charge Customers – Overview

Overview Launch27 will not automatically charge your customers, bookings will need to be charged by the Admin on the account.  Your Charge Customers page will also give you an overview of the pay statuses for all bookings (including non-credit card bookings). (Note* Make sure your account is connected to Stripe to charge your Credit Card Customers.)   Mark a non-Credit Card Booking as Paid: Go to your Charge Customers page Select the  button, then select Paid Enter the amount paid for the booking, […]