Tags – Overview

Tags – Overview Tags can be used to easily categorize or add notes to a Customer or Team profile. How to add Tags to a Customer You can add tags to a customer by: Go to Customers Click on a Customer you want to add a Tag to Type the tag into the tag field and click Enter Examples of where Customer tags are displayed: Customer Profile Customers Index Active Bookings page Cancelled Bookings Staff New/Edit Booking form Current Scheduler […]

Link Existing Stripe Customer to a Customer Record

Link Existing Stripe Customer to a Customer Record If you have an existing customer in your Stripe account that you want to link to a Customer record in your site, do the following: Step 1: Get the Customer’s ID from Stripe Log in to your Stripe Account Go to Customers Find the Customer you want to link Copy the ID (i.e. ‘cus_blahblahblah’) ​ Step 2: Paste the ID from Stripe into the Customer Record Login to your Launch 27 account […]

Customer Feedback/Ratings

Customer Feedback/Ratings – Overview Rating Emails are automatically sent to collect feedback from every customer on their service. The feedback will be linked to the assigned teams allowing you to assess their strengths and areas for improvement. How it Works For every booking with an assigned team, the system will send an email the day after their booking is completed. The email will allow your Customer to click on a link to show how happy they are with the Service. The Customer is then […]

Manually Add a Customer to the System

Manually Add a Customer to the System Go to Users -> Customers Click ‘Add New’ Enter the Customer’s data Click Save Changes.

Editing Customer Account Info

Go to Users -> Customers Click the Name of the Customer you want to edit Edit your values. Click Save. You may also add/remove Credit Cards from a Customer’s account.

Confirming a Customer Account

Customers must confirm their accounts first in order to sign in to the site. Here’s how it works: We send them a confirmation email to confirm their identity. They click the confirmation link They’re taken to a page where they create a password for their account. Now the Customer will be able to sign in to their account.

Export/Import – Overview

Export Bookings Go to Bookings > Download CSV Using the date fields, choose the time frame of bookings that you would like to download Check off the fields of data that you want to export Click Download Export Customers Go to Customers > Export customers Choose if you want all customers to be downloaded, or customers created during a specific time frame Enter a tag if you want to download customers based on their Tags Select the fields of data that […]