1-Time vs Every-Time Items in Recurring Booking

Overview You have the option of setting these items as “This Booking only” or “every booking” on a recurring booking: Extras Tip Price Adjustment This is useful when: the customer only wants to have the extra service done for a specific booking in the recurring series the customer wants to add the same Tip amount for every booking staff wants to add a Price Adjustment for “This Booking only” or for every booking Default Preference for Extras You can specify […]

Upload a Custom Icon for your Extra

Upload a Custom Icon for your Extra You can use your own icon (a PNG or JPEG image file) for your Extra on the cleaning booking form: Go to Settings -> Services -> Extras Click the edit icon for the Extra you want to add your icon to Click the Upload New Icon button Choose an image file (a PNG or JPEG image) that you want to use for your icon. Make sure it fits the size requirements noted on […]

Change the Display Order of My Extras

Change the Display Order of My Extras Go to Settings -> Extras Drag and drop an Extra to a new position in the list Your Extras will be displayed in your Booking Form identically to how they appear in this list.

Extras – Overview

Extras – Overview Extras are additional items customers can select, that are outside the scope of the service you provide. ¬†For Extras to appear on your booking, you need to make sure your Extra is linked to each service that you want it available for. Some common examples of Extras are: Deep Clean Move In/Out Inside the Windows Inside the Fridge Create an Extra Go to Settings > Services > Extras Select Add New Enter your Values In the Services […]