When is the Rating Email Sent to Customers?

Overview An automated task sends out the review the day after service is completed. Change the Time the Ratings Emails are sent If you’d like to send the rating emails at a different time by: Going to Settings > Miscellaneous > Scheduled Tasks Select the Edit icon to the right of the task Change the Execute at value to the time you want the rating emails to be sent Click Save NOTE: The review is only sent if you have assigned a […]

View Team Ratings

View Team Ratings Where’s the Team Ratings Report You can view a report of all of your Team Ratings by going to Reports -> Team Ratings. What’s in the Team Ratings Report an Average Rating for each Team the Total Number of Ratings given to each Team the Total Number of Comments left for each Team the Most Recent Comment left for each Team

Customer Feedback/Ratings

Customer Feedback/Ratings – Overview Rating Emails are automatically sent to collect feedback from every customer on their service. The feedback will be linked to the assigned teams allowing you to assess their strengths and areas for improvement. How it Works For every booking with an assigned team, the system will send an email the day after their booking is completed. The email will allow your Customer to click on a link to show how happy they are with the Service. The Customer is then […]