Exclude 1st booking from Recurring/Frequency Discount

Overview This feature will allow you to exclude the frequency (aka recurring) discount from the first booking in the recurring series. To Enable this, go to: Settings > Subdomain tab Scroll down to Recurring Bookings For the option of Frequency Discount, select “Excludes the First booking of a recurring appointment” Click Save Settings Once this setting is enabled, when customers create a recurring booking, the first booking will not have the discount applied. From the moment you enable this setting, when a new recurring booking is […]

Frequencies – Overview

Frequencies – Overview Frequencies are options you offer Customers that want to create recurring Bookings. For example, a Customer may request a Weekly Cleaning. Launch 27 will automatically create a Booking for this Customer each week. You may also offer a discount for this recurring Booking of 15% (i.e. Weekly Cleaning for 15%).