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Customizing the Launch27 Login Page

You cannot customize the actual Launch27 login page. We actually encourage our users to send your customers to the login page if they need to access their own account, this way your customers will rarely see what your login page looks like unless it is necessary for them to login. The link to the login page for your business, would be: https://yourbusinessname.launch27.com/login. Tips on website basics.

Changing the Primary Color of site

To change the Primary Color of your site, go to: Settings > Subdomain tab Scroll down the the bottom where it says Site Color Enter or choose a color Save Settings   You will now see that the menu bar of your Launch27 account matches the color you set for your Site color.   Main Login Page: Active Bookings Page: Main Settings Page: Customer Main Page:

Change Customer Support email address

Login as an Admin Go to My Account -> Subdomain. Change the Email field to the email address you want to use Click Save Changes

How do I change my Time Zone?

Overview – Time Zones The default time zone is Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada). Any bookings created on your site are created in this time zone. If you decide to change to a new Time Zone, all of your existing Bookings will still be stuck in the OLD Time Zone.  This is why there's a brief explanation next to the Time Zone setting: "NOTE: existing bookings' time will change if you change timezone." Example:  In 'Eastern Time (US & […]

How do I set my Country’s Currency?

Step 1: Make sure your Stripe account is set to support your Country Go to Stripe Go to Account Settings  Select your Country​ Log out of Stripe   Step 2: Update Launch 27 Currency Settings IMPORTANT: Go to Stripe and Sign Out of your account if you're signed in. Go to My Account -> Subdomain tab Choose your Country's Currency Click Save Changes 

Adding a Company Logo

You can upload a company logo that will be used throughout your site. The logo file must be: JPG or PNG format Max file size of 2 MB PNG files with transparent backgrounds look best 🙂 ​ How to Upload a Logo Note: you must belong to the Admin role to do this. Log in to your account : http://my-company.launch27.com/login Go to Settings > Subdomain tab In the Logo field, click ‘Choose File’ Select a logo file (JPG or PNG, file size of […]