Customize Your Email & Text Message Templates

Customize Email & Text Message Templates – Overview You can customize what data you would like to show in your email templates. How it Works Suppose your customer’s name is Andrew and you want your booking confirmation email to have a greeting that says “Hello Andrew”. You would simply need to add the data placeholder for the Customer’s first name to your booking confirmation template: Hello {{ booking.first_name }} Booking Info **IMPORTANT:** these data attributes can only be used in email templates that contain Booking data (i.e. […]

Email/Print Your Team Schedules

How to Email/Print your Team Schedules After assigning bookings to your Teams, you can email/print them a copy of their Schedule for a particular date range: Go to either Bookings -> Active Bookings or the Scheduler page Click the Send Schedule button Choose a Date range you want to print/email a Schedule for. Note: Make sure that you have assigned Teams to your Bookings for this date. If you don’t, your schedules will NOT be emailed/printed. Click Send to Teams or Print […]

Preview/Test Email Notifications

Preview/Test Email Notifications When you customize your email notifications, you can also Preview them or Send a Test email to see what they look like. Previewing an Email Go to Settings -> Emails > Email Templates Click the Edit button next to the Email Template you want to edit Click the Preview button. You’ll see a modal popup of what the email looks like. Sending a Test Email Open the Preview modal popup following the steps above At the bottom of the […]