Premium Booking Form – Overview

Premium Booking Form – Overview Your Premium Booking Form Designer will allow you to make real-time changes to your booking form – every update to this form will reflect immediately on your live booking form. You can find your Premium Booking Form Designer by going to: Settings > Booking Form > Premium Booking Form Designer   To view options for customizing your form, either select the Settings Gear to the left of the page, or select any content in the […]

Carpet Cleaning Form

Carpet Cleaning Form – Overview You’ve been asking for it, so here it is! Your customers now have the ability to add multiple services to their booking. With our new Carpet Cleaning Booking Form, your customers can easily choose to get their home cleaned, carpets cleaned, tile and grout cleaned, or whichever service you offer! This is not limited to home/carpet cleaning. This form is customizable to fit whichever service your business offers. Finally, your booking form is no longer […]

Hide the Sidebar on the Premium Form

Hide the Sidebar Go to Settings > Booking Form > Premium Form Designer Click on Form Settings Check the “Hide sidebar” option Click Save   After you hide the sidebar, the sidebar will be hidden on your premium form and the Booking Summary section appears at the bottom of the form:

Change Icon Colors in Cleaning Booking Form

Icon Colors The icons will match the Primary Color setting in the Cleaning Form Designer.  NOTE: if you replace these icons with your own icons, the icons will no longer match the Primary Color setting. Settings -> Booking Form -> Cleaning Form Designer Click on the “Settings” icon on the left side of the screen The icons will match the Primary Color that is set in the Form Settings. Choose a color. Click Save   Here’s what the form looks […]

Customize Headings/Labels on Premium Forms

How to Customize the Headings You can change the text of the headings by doing the following: Go to Settings -> Booking Form -> Premium Booking Form Designer (or choose Default Booking Form Designer if you want to edit the default form) Click on the heading you want to edit A panel with the title Heading Settings will open to the left of the screen that lets you change customize the heading. Click Save at the bottom of the Heading Settings panel to save your […]

Customize Cleaning Booking Form Styles

Customize Cleaning Booking Form Styles – Overview You can customize the following on the booking form: Fonts Text Color Background (set as a color, image or transparent) Submit Button (text, color, font) How to Customize the Styles on the Booking Form Login as a Staff user Go to Settings -> Booking Form -> Form Designer Click on the “Settings” icon on the left side of the page Make any changes to the form by clicking on an element and changing its properties in the […]

Add the New Premium Booking Form to your Site

Overview The new Premium Booking Form is available to users on our Pro and Plus plans. If you’re signed up for one of those plans, you only need to make a simple change to your regular booking form code to use the premium version. What does the new Form include? A new form layout A SIDEBAR with content about your company that you can edit yourself, and a Total summary section How to Add the Premium Form to your Site 1) Copy […]