Saving Changes to Recurring Bookings

Overview Launch27 lets Staff apply changes made to a booking in a recurring series to: This Booking only (i.e. the booking being edited) This Booking  + All Future Bookings Specific Bookings you choose This is useful if you need to make changes that should apply only to certain bookings in the series, while keeping the rest of the bookings unchanged. Here’s a few examples: Customer needs to make a one-time date/time change or change in their normal service A team is usually assigned to a booking […]

Edit/Cancel Future Booking Availability

Overview As a reminder, Launch27 doesn’t actually create the “next” booking in a recurring series until the current one is marked as completed. However, if a Staff user needs to edit/cancel a future booking that has not been created yet, the system will still allow you to do so. We do this by first creating the booking you want to change, then allowing you to make the changes to this newly created booking as you normally would. Important: as of July 2017, only staff […]

1-Time vs Every-Time Items in Recurring Booking

Overview You have the option of setting these items as “This Booking only” or “every booking” on a recurring booking: Extras Tip Price Adjustment This is useful when: the customer only wants to have the extra service done for a specific booking in the recurring series the customer wants to add the same Tip amount for every booking staff wants to add a Price Adjustment for “This Booking only” or for every booking Default Preference for Extras You can specify […]

Cancel a Recurring Booking

Cancel a Recurring Booking – Overview When a Staff user tries to cancel a booking in a recurring series, the system will ask if it should cancel: This Booking only (i.e. the booking being edited) This Booking  + All Future Bookings Specific Bookings you choose This gives Staff the flexibility to cancel only certain bookings vs all bookings in the  series. Here’s a few examples of when this would be useful. How to Cancel a Recurring Booking Staff users may cancel a recurring booking by: […]

Exclude 1st booking from Recurring/Frequency Discount

Overview This feature will allow you to exclude the frequency (aka recurring) discount from the first booking in the recurring series. To Enable this, go to: Settings > Subdomain tab Scroll down to Recurring Bookings For the option of Frequency Discount, select “Excludes the First booking of a recurring appointment” Click Save Settings Once this setting is enabled, when customers create a recurring booking, the first booking will not have the discount applied. From the moment you enable this setting, when a new recurring booking is […]

View Future Recurring Bookings on Schedule Bookings Page

Future Recurring Bookings The only thing you need to do is Set the “Block X recurring booking(s) into the future” setting by: Go to Settings > Subdomain tab. Set a value for “Block X recurring booking(s) into the future” Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.   Next, when you visit the Schedule Bookings page, you will see the booking for a recurring customer blocked off.

Block Spots for Recurring Bookings

Block Spots – Overview When a Customer books a recurring booking, you want to ensure that the Customer’s spot on your calendar will take into account the future bookings in the recurring series. This will prevent other Customer accidentally overbooking by selecting the same spot that is reserved for the recurring booking.   How it Works Launch27 lets you block up to 12 booking spots into the future. Lets assume you configured your settings to block off 2 bookings into […]

How Recurring Bookings Work

Overview When a Customer books for a ‘Weekly’ service, the system automatically schedules their service for the same day of the week, each week. If the first job is set for today January 25th, tomorrow the system would create a new booking for 7 days from now. This applies for Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Tri-Weekly and Monthly. FAQs When is the next Booking in the series created? When the current booking is marked as completed, the next booking in the series will be created […]