Service Categories

Overview You can organize your services into different categories. When you do so, customers can choose to view all of your services by category when they’re filling out your booking form. Create a Service Category Go to Settings > Services > Service Categories Click Add New Enter a Name for your category Under Services, select each service you would like to add to this category Click Save Repeat these steps for as many categories as you have. Changing the Display […]

Services – Overview

Services – Overview Your Services are what your business provides to your customers, they will be displayed on your booking form and in your Staff account. You have the option to set up your services many different ways, here are some common ways our users set up their services. The Flat Rate – The flat rate uses the Bedroom/Bathroom method, our most commonly used. Flat rates based on the number of bedrooms, and a pricing parameter for bathrooms is used […]

Display a Service Only on the Staff Form

Service Only – Overview You can use this feature if you prefer that certain services be visible only to Staff members. An example of when you would use this is if you only offer a particular service for certain clients (i.e commercial clients) and you do not want the rest of your clients (i.e. residential) that visit your booking form to try to book this service. When adding or editing a service, there’s a checkbox that you can check.

Add Multiple Services to a Booking

Multiple Services – Overview You are now able to select Multiple Services for a single booking. Step 1) Enable the Multiple Services feature Go to Settings > Subdomain tab Scroll down to “Bookings with Multiple Services” Choose Enabled Click Save settings   Step 2) How to Add Multiple Services to a Booking Go to the Booking Page Scroll down to Services offered Select “Add Service”  

Add 30 Minutes Increments for Hourly Service

Add 30 Minute Increments for Hourly Service Go to Settings -> Services -> Services Go to your “Hourly Services” -> Edit Check the box for “30 minute increments” Save changes   Here’s what the 30 min increment options look like on the booking form:

How to Change the Price of a Service

Change the Price of a Service Unfortunately, we do not let you change the price of an existing Service once its been created. We do this to ensure that your existing customers aren’t affected by any changes in the price. Here’s how we recommend you change the price of your Service: Step 1: Archive the current Service that uses the old price Go to Settings -> Services Click the Archive button next to the Service you want to delete When […]

Change the Display Order of My Services

Change the Display Order of My Services Go to Settings -> Services Drag and drop a Service to a new position in the list Your Services will be displayed in your Booking Form identically to how they appear in this list.

Display Service Price Next to Description

Display Service Price Next to Description You simply have to add the Price of the Service at the end of its Name. Instead of: “One Bedroom Apartment Cleaning” type the Name as: “One Bedroom Apartment Cleaning – $99 “

Add a Service

Add a Service Go to Settings -> Services -> Services Click Add New Enter your values. Click Save.