Adding Notes/Comments to a Booking


You have the option to add different types of notes in Launch27:

  • Staff Notes for a booking (added by staff)
  • Customer Notes for a booking (added by the customer)
  • Comments on a Booking (added by staff, customer, or teams)

Staff/Customer Notes vs Comments on a Booking

The main difference between the Staff/Customer notes and the Comments is that the notes are “permanent” (i.e. copied to future bookings in a recurring series), whereas comments are only added to a particular booking and aren’t copied to future bookings.

Comments are good for cases where you only have a “temporary note” that pertains to a particular booking and don’t want them repeated in future bookings.

Another difference is that Teams are allowed to add comments to a booking, whereas only Staff and Customers can add notes.

How Staff Notes Works:

When Staff users add notes, they add them to the Staff Notes field. The Staff Notes can be viewed by both Staff and Teams.

Staff Notes are useful if the Staff needs to share info with the Team for every booking, but want to keep private from the Customer.

How Customer Notes Works:

When Customers add notes, they add them to the Customer Notes field. This field can also be added to your booking form. The Customer Notes can be viewed by Customers, Staff and Teams.

Customer Notes are useful if the Customer needs to share info with Staff/Team for every booking.

How Comments Work

Staff, Customers and Teams all have permissions to add comments to a booking once they are logged into their accounts.

Staff can add comments that are visible to:

  • Staff only
  • Staff and Customers only
  • Staff and Teams only
  • Everyone

When a comment is added to a booking, the intended audience will receive an email notification containing the comment.

By default, Customers and Teams cannot see each other’s comments; they can only add comments that are visible to Staff. However,

One difference between the three groups is that you can disable the ability for your Teams to add and view comments via the Team Permissions settings.

Important: If you want your teams to be able to view comments from the customer and other assigned teams, you must enable the permissions for them to do so

Team permissions for comments



Can my Teams view Customer Comments?

Teams may only view customer comments if you enable their permission to do so via the Team Permissions under Settings > People > Teams.

Can comments be edited/deleted?

Yes. Any user can edit/delete their own comment, and Staff users can delete any comment from any user.

Can Staff change who can view their comment?

Yes, if a staff user accidentally sets the comment to viewable by the wrong group, they can always edit it. Please keep in mind that the email notifications will still contain the comment that is left, so be careful when you are adding comments that are private/sensitive.

Can I disable commenting?

No, comments cannot not be disabled at this time. However, you may disable teams from being able to comment if you want.

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