Block Spots for Recurring Bookings

Block Spots – Overview

When a Customer books a recurring booking, you want to ensure that the Customer’s spot on your calendar will take into account the future bookings in the recurring series.

This will prevent other Customer accidentally overbooking by selecting the same spot that is reserved for the recurring booking.


How it Works

Launch27 lets you block up to 12 booking spots into the future.

Lets assume you configured your settings to block off 2 bookings into the future.

If Bob has a weekly booking for Monday at 9AM,  the next two Mondays will have one spot blocked off at 9AM for Bob.

If Jane has a monthly booking for the first Monday of every month at 9AM, then the next two months will have 9AM blocked off for Jane on the first Monday.


How to Block off Spots for Recurring Bookings

  1. Go to Settings -> Subdomain tab
  2. Enter how many recurring booking(s) you’d like to block into the future (i.e 0 – 12 bookings):
  3. Click Save


How many spots can I block off?

You can block off up to 12 spots.

Does this feature create the actual bookings into the future?

No. This feature will only block off spots on the calendar, not create the actual future bookings. The system will continue to just create the next booking in the series when the current one is marked as completed.

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