How to Block Spots Based on Duration

Block Spots – Overview

Now you can use the duration settings of your Services to automatically block off availability on your schedule when bookings spill over into the next time spot.


How to Block Spots based on Duration

  1. Go to Settings > Subdomain tab
  2. Scroll down to the Booking Duration section
  3. Choose ‘Enabled’ (if Duration is not enabled)
  4. Check the box “Update my Availability when a Booking’s duration overlaps into the next available spot”.
  5. Click Save Changes.

NOTE: Please make sure you have added duration values to your Services/Extras/Pricing Parameters and Bookings.



How it Works

Let’s assume I have 3 spots available on my schedule for November 17th:

  • 10AM
  • 12PM
  • 3PM

I have a booking scheduled for 10AM that has a duration of 5 hours.


When I go to my Spots Settings page, I can see that my 12PM spot says I have one job scheduled:



The reason there is a ‘job scheduled’ is because the 10AM booking has blocked off my 12PM spot:



Customers will also see that 12PM has been blocked on booking form:



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