Save Booking as a Quote


You can save a booking as a quote so that your customer can create a booking at a later time that matches the exact terms you quoted them.

This eliminates the need for the customer to re-enter each detail when they go to book their appointment, and it saves any price adjustments or discounts you quoted them.

After you save a booking as a quote, you can then give the customer a URL that will pre-populate your booking form with all of the details that were quoted.

How to Save a booking as a Quote

  1. Go to the Add Booking page
  2. When you’ve finished filling out the details, click Save as Quote
  3. A modal window will be displayed that lets you email the quote to your customer for them to create their booking with the quoted detailsEmail quote to customer - Launch27.com online booking

After you’ve created your quote, you can go to Bookings > Quotes to manage your quotes by doing the following:

  • Changing its Expiration Date
  • Creating a Booking from this Quote
  • Sharing the Quote LinkOther functions for Quotes - Launch27 online booking

Share quote link - Launch27 online booking

How to Change the Quote Expiration Policy

Quote feature settings - Expiration Policy - Launch27 online booking

By default, we set your quotes to expire after 30 days. You can change this if you like by:

  1. Go to Bookings > Quotes
  2. Click Settings
  3. Change Quote Expires After to any number of days you like
  4. Click Save Changes

Now any new quote that is created will expire after the number of days you just set. Note: your existing quotes will not be changed unless you manually change them.

How to Change the URL used in the Quote links

The quote links use the Booking URL in your account, which can be changed by going to the Settings > General Settings > Subdomain tab.


Can quotes be re-used?

No, quotes cannot be reused. After they expire, or after it’s been used to create a booking, it can’t be used again.

Will the quoted Service Date and Time be available when the customer books?

Not necessarily. We can’t guarantee that the service date and time will be available in a quote when the customer books.

The reason why is because customers may not book until after the quoted date/time has passed. For that reason, we don’t want to prevent other customers from being able to book for the same service date/time.

If the service date and time are unavailable when the customer goes to book, they’ll have to pick another date/time.

How do I customize the Quote Email that is sent to customers?

  1. Go to Settings > Emails > Email Templates
  2. Click on the Customers tab
  3. Click on the Share Quote email template to customize it
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