Cancel a Booking – Overview


There are two ways of canceling a booking, either by Staff or the Customer can cancel their booking by logging into their account.  There are Cancellation Policies and Fees you can customize, as well as Cancellation Emails to notify your customers of your policy and fees.


Booking Cancelled by Staff

Open the booking that you want to Cancel, and select Cancel Booking or Cancel Booking with Fee.

You have two choices when Cancelling a booking. If you have a Cancellation Policy you can choose to cancel the booking with the fee, or you can override the fee and just Cancel the booking.

If you choose to Cancel the booking with the fee, you will see the fee on your Charge Customers page:

Cancellation Emails

Any of these emails can be enabled/disabled by going to:

  1. Settings > Emails > Emails Templates
  2. select Enable/Disable


Booking Cancelled

Sent to both CLIENT and ADMIN when Service is cancelled by CLIENT or ADMIN.  This is to confirm cancellation.

Booking Cancelled Late

Sent to CLIENT when service is cancelled by CLIENT using their portal. For late cancellations (After 5 pm before the day of service), clients incur a cancellation fee, and this email is the final confirmation of that.  Clients are also notified directly in the portal as they are canceling that they are doing so after the cancellation fee cut-off and this incurs a cancellation fee.

Booking Cancelled Late Staff

SENT to ADMIN to inform us when a CLIENT has cancelled using the web portal after our cancellation cut-off time.

Create a Cancellation Policy

You can create a policy that will allow you to penalize your customers for canceling bookings without enough notice.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Subdomain Policy
  2. Scroll down to Cancellation Policy
  3. Next to Policy, select whether you want to use the default policy that will allow your customers to cancel their booking as long as it is before 5pm the day before the booking date, or you can select Set your own Terms.

If you choose to set you own terms, enter the amount of hours your customers will have prior to their booking date/time to Cancel their booking.

Set a Cancellation Fee

You can create a Cancellation Policy by going to:

  1. Settings > General > Subdomain Tab
  2. Scroll down to Cancellation Policy
  3. Enter a percentage or dollar amount you would like to charge for Cancellations

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