Cancel a Recurring Booking

Cancel a Recurring Booking – Overview

When a Staff user tries to cancel a booking in a recurring series, the system will ask if it should cancel:

  • This Booking only (i.e. the booking being edited)
  • This Booking  + All Future Bookings
  • Specific Bookings you choose

This gives Staff the flexibility to cancel only certain bookings vs all bookings in the  series. Here’s a few examples of when this would be useful.

How to Cancel a Recurring Booking

Staff users may cancel a recurring booking by:

  1. Find the booking on the Active Bookings and click it to edit it
  2. On the Edit Booking form, click on the Cancel Booking button (or Cancel Booking with $ fee if this is a late cancellation)Cancel a Recurring Booking
  3. A modal popup will appear and ask you to confirm you want to cancel this booking. Click Yes to continue
  4. You will be asked if you want to cancel:
    • This Booking Only
    • This and All Future Bookings
    • These Specific Bookings…

    Cancel recurring bookings - choose options

  5. After you make your choice, click Cancel Bookings to apply your changes.
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