Cancellations – Overview

A booking can be cancelled by either Staff or the Customer by logging in to their Customer account.

When a booking is Cancelled the following emails are sent out if they are enabled in your email templates:

Sent to Customers

  • Booking Cancellation: Sent to the customer when the booking is cancelled by the Customer.  This is to confirm the cancellation.
  • Booking Late Cancellation: Sent to the Customer when the booking is cancelled by the customer via their customer account. Customers may incur a Cancellation Fee (only if set by Admin in settings), and this email is the final confirmation of that.

Sent to Admin (Support Email)

  • Staff Booking Cancellation: Sent to Support when a Staff has cancelled a booking or a customer has cancelled their booking via their customer account within the cancellation cut-off time.
  • Staff Booking Late Cancellation: Sent to Admin when a customer has cancelled their booking via their customer account after the cancellation cut-off time.

Sent to Teams

  • Team Booking Cancelled: Sent to team when a customer or staff cancels a booking that has already been assigned a team.


Late Cancellations

Late Cancellations occur when a Customer cancels their Booking within a certain period of time before their Booking.  You have the option to charge Customers a late fee (a flat amount) when this happens. If you do not wish to charge a fee, you may enter a value of ‘0’.

How to set your Late Cancellation Fee

  1. Go to Settings > General > scroll down to Booking Cancellation
  2. enter the amount to charge.


How to Set your Late Cancellation Period

A booking is considered a late cancellation if it is cancelled after 5PM the day before the booking, or any time that you choose if you Set your own Terms.

To set your own terms, go to:

  1. Settings > General > scroll down to Booking Cancellation
  2. Select Set your own Terms



How to Charge the Cancellation Fee

  1. Go to your Active Bookings page and open the booking
  2. Select Cancel Booking with ‘x’ Fee
  3. Go to your Charge Customers page
  4. Select Charge next to the booking that shows Cancellation Fee



How to Remove/Edit the Cancellation Fee

There will be times where you cut your customer some slack and discount their cancellation fee, or decide to just not charge them for the Cancellation.

In this case:

  1. Go to your Cancelled Bookings page
  2. Select the edit icon  editicon  next to the booking
  3. Enter ‘0’ or the amount you want to charge in the Cancellation Price field.
  4. Then follow steps listed above on how to Charge the Cancellation Fee.


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