Combine Discount Codes w/ Frequency Discount


Launch27 gives you the option to allow Discount Codes to be combined with Frequency discounts.

This is useful if you already offer Frequency discounts for recurring bookings, but want to give customers an even bigger discount for booking with you.

How It Works:

When you create a discount code, you can enable a setting that allows that discount code to be combined with any Frequency discount.

If that discount code is used on a booking that already has a Frequency discount, the total discount for the booking will be calculated like this:

  • The Frequency discount will be applied to the Total first, then the Discount Code is applied afterwards
  • The exception to the rule is if the Discount Code is an amount (i.e $100) and the Frequency discount is a percent (i.e 25%). In this case, the Discount Code is applied first, then the Frequency discount. This is done because applying the amount-based discount first leads to a smaller total discount.

How to Create a Discount Code that can be combined with a Frequency discount

  1. Go to Settings > Promotions > Discounts tab
  2. Click Add New
  3. Check the box for Can be combined with Frequency discounts
  4. Click Save

Combine Discount Codes with Frequency Discount


Can I change my “Can be combined with Frequency discounts“ setting after I already created the Discount?

Yes you may, but if the Discount Code has already been used, the prices of those bookings will be affected by the change (i.e. discount code may or may not be applied to the booking).

Will the Discount Code be applied to all of the bookings in a Recurring series?

No, it will not. Discount codes are only applied to one booking at a time and are not copied over to future bookings in a recurring series.

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