Ask for a Reason When a Customer Cancels


Launch27 gives you the option to ask for a reason why a booking is being cancelled.

You may want to do this if you want to get more insight from customers on why they cancel to improve your operations.

How It Works:

Once its enabled in your account, when a Staff or Customer goes to cancel a booking, the system will require them to provide a reason for cancelling. A reason must be provided or the system will not let them proceed with cancelling the booking.

When the booking cancellation email is sent to Support, the reason will be included. However, this reason will not be included in the cancellation email that gets sent to the customer.

If you want to view all of the Cancellation Reasons later, they are displayed on the Cancelled Bookings page.

How to Enable the Cancellation Reason feature

  1. Go to Settings > Subdomain tab
  2. Go to Booking Cancellation section
  3. Check the box for Reason for cancelling the booking must be given
  4. Click Save Changes

Ask for a Reason when a Customer Cancels


When will the system ask for a Cancellation Reason?

The Cancellation Reason field will be displayed to BOTH staff and customers when doing any kind of cancellation:

  • One time and recurring
  • Normal cancellation (i.e. was cancelled before late cancellation period)
  • Late Cancellation (with and without cancellation fee)

Where can I view the Cancellation Reason?

The Cancellation Reason can be viewed in:

  • Staff Cancellation emails
  • Cancelled Bookings page
  • View Booking Details page (if booking is cancelled)
  • Edit Booking page (if booking is cancelled)
  • Booking’s Change History modal

Can I still view the Cancellation Reasons if I disable the feature?

Yes you can still view the cancellation reasons even if the feature has since been disabled.

So long as a booking has a Reason saved, it should still be displayed in the places listed above.

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