Customer Feedback/Ratings

Customer Feedback/Ratings – Overview

Rating Emails are automatically sent to collect feedback from every customer on their service. The feedback will be linked to the assigned teams allowing you to assess their strengths and areas for improvement.

How it Works

For every booking with an assigned team, the system will send an email the day after their booking is completed. The email will allow your Customer to click on a link to show how happy they are with the Service. The Customer is then taken to your Launch 27 site where they can provide additional comments about their Service.

Rating Emails will only be sent if a team is assigned to the booking, when the customer responds the assigned team(s) will receive an email with the feedback.

Here are the rules:

– If the booking was not yet rated your customer has 7 days from service date to rate it.
– Once the booking is already rated your customer has 1 day from the date when booking was rated to change rating.

You can view all of your Team’s feedback from within the system by going to:

  1. Reports > Customer Feedback



What Happens Next?

If your Customer leaves a Great review, the Happy Rating Follow Up email is automatically sent to your customer requesting for them to leave a review on social media for your business.

This is intended to help build your company’s reputation based on good reviews only.



Enable/Disable Rating Emails

You can enable/disable the Rating Email tasks by going to:

  1. Settings > Miscellaneous
  2. Select the Settings gear next to the Rating Email tasks
  3. Select Disable/Enable Task



Edit the Time the Rating Emails are Sent

  1. Settings > Miscellaneous
  2. Select the Settings gear next to the Rating Email tasks
  3. Select Edit
  4. Choose the time you want to run the task



Customize the Booking Rating/Rating Follow up Email

You can customize the Rating Email by going to:

  1. Settings > Emails > Email Templates
  2. Scroll down in the Customer tab, and select Booking Rating/Happy Rating Follow Up Email
  3. Make your changes (you can refer to our list of codes to populate specific information)


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