Email Notifications Schedule

Email Notifications Schedule

Manual Emails

The following emails must be sent manually by you.

Booking Confirmation (recommended, not required)

​Once you’re absolutely sure you can definitely do the booking (i.e your Team can make it for that date), we recommend you manually send a Booking Confirmation. For more info, read the FAQ about this email.

Team Daily Schedule

Schedule sent to respective TEAMS of all jobs that were assigned to them. Read How to Send Schedules to my Teams for more info.

Team Daily Schedule (Admin)

Same as above but sent to ADMINS. Read How to Send Schedules to my Teams for more info .

Automatic Emails

The following are emails that are sent automatically by the system:

Booking Cancelled:

Sent to both CLIENT and ADMIN when Service is canceled by CLIENT or ADMIN.  This is to confirm the cancellation.

Booking Cancelled Late:

Sent to CLIENT when service is canceled by CLIENT using their portal. For late cancellations (After 5 pm before the day of service), clients incur a cancellation fee, and this email is the final confirmation of that.  Clients are also notified directly in the portal as they are canceling that they are doing so after the cancellation fee cut-off and this incurs a cancellation fee.

Booking Cancelled Late Staff:

SENT to ADMIN to inform us when a CLIENT has cancelled using the web portal after our cancellation cut-off time.

Booking Received

Sent to CLIENT and ADMIN after a booking is created using the web form.

Booking New Added by Staff

Sent to CLIENT after a booking is created by ADMIN in the backend portal.

Booking New Staff

Sent to ADMIN after CLIENT adds a booking in the web portal.

Booking Rescheduled Staff

Sent to ADMIN after CLIENT reschedules a booking in the web portal.

Cleaning Rating

Sent to CLIENT after each service is completed to rate the teams’ performance.  The results of those ratings are sent to ADMIN.

Cleaning Rating Happy

Sent to CLIENT only after a  happy rating to ask for a Yelp review

Email Confirmation

Standard email confirmation asking to confirm email address when CLIENT is first signing up for access to the web portal

Reminder 1 day

Sent a day before service to remind CLIENT of upcoming service.

Reminder 3 days

Sent 3 days before service to remind CLIENT of upcoming service.

Reset Password

Self-explanatory 🙂

Team Payment Details

Detail payment details sent to TEAMS after they are paid through the backend portal.

Welcome Staff

Sent to staff when they are added as STAFF on the backend. Includes password and login information.

Customer Invoice

Sent immediately to CLIENT after their credit card is charged

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