Exclude Services/Extras from Frequency Discounts


Launch27 gives you the option to exclude certain Services and Extras from being eligible for discount codes and/or Frequency discounts.

This is useful if you simply do not want to give discounts on certain services and extras.

How It Works:

When you create a Service or Extra, you can enable settings that will exclude it from being eligible for discount codes, frequency discounts or both.

When that Service or Extra is added to a booking that uses any discount code and/or frequency discount, they will not be eligible for the discount type you excluded them from.

How to Exclude a Service/Extra from Discount Codes and/or Frequency discount

  1. Go to Settings > Services and choose either Service or Extra from the menu
  2. Click Add New
  3. Check the box for Exclude from: Frequency discounts or Discount Code discounts
  4. Click Save

Exclude service/extra from frequency discount and/or discount code


Can I change my “Can be combined with Frequency discounts“ setting after I already created the Discount?

No. These settings may affect the prices of your bookings if you try to enable/disable them after the Service/Extra has been added to a booking.
For that reason, the system will archive the service/extra and create a new identical one in order to keep the prices of those bookings grandfathered to the original price.

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