Export/Import – Overview

Export Bookings

  1. Go to Bookings > Download CSV
  2. Using the date fields, choose the time frame of bookings that you would like to download
  3. Check off the fields of data that you want to export
  4. Click Download

Export Customers

  1. Go to Customers > Export customers
  2. Choose if you want all customers to be downloaded, or customers created during a specific time frame
  3. Enter a tag if you want to download customers based on their Tags
  4. Select the fields of data that you want to export
  5. Click Download

Import Customers

  1. Go to Customers > Import Customers
  2. Click Choose File to upload a CSV file containing your customer data
  3. Choose if you want to Update existing records, then click Next. You should enable this option if you have customer records in Launch27 that you want updated with values from your CSV.

    Import Customers - Step 1 - Launch27 online booking
  4. The import tool will try to match the columns from your CSV file to the correct field to import to in Launch27. For any columns that can’t be matched, you should manually choose which field in Launch27 to import that column to. If you have columns in your CSV that can’t be matched, you can still import that data by choosing Add to Customer Notes. You can also tell the system to ignore a column by selecting the SKIP checkbox, or by leaving the This column will be imported to blank.
    Import Customers - Step 2 - Launch27 online booking
  5. Click Finish to start the import process.

Customers that do not have Email addresses

Launch27 requires each customer to have an email address.

If some of the customer you’re trying to import do not have email addresses, Launch27 gives you the option to generate temporary email addresses for them during the import process:




Your CSV does not have Address/City/State/Zip in separate columns

If your current software exported your customer data with the Address/City/State/Zip into one single column, Launch27 gives you the option to separate that info for you when we import it:

 Parse Address field to get City, State, Zip


Export Team Payments

  1. Go to Payments > Pay Teams
  2. Click Export
  3. Use the date field to choose the pay period you want to Export
  4. Choose a Status to indicate if you want to export payment data for Active Teams, Archived Teams, or both
  5. Select the fields of data that you want to export
  6. Click Download

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