Form is not populating values passing via the URL

Are you having issues with your booking form not being pre-populated when you pass values via the URL for:

  • a certain number of Bedrooms/Bathrooms
  • a Discount Code
  • Customer info like Email or Zip Code

The reason this could be happening could be because of a piece of HTML code in your site that is preventing our code from reading values from the URL and passing it to the booking form widget.

This HTML code is a meta tag (with the name attribute set to ‘referrer’):

<meta name=”referrer” content=”origin-when-cross-origin”>.

This meta tag means that external websites with different origin (i.e. that have a different domain your own site like xyz.launch27.com) will only be allowed to access the origin value (domain name without path and parameters) in Referrer HTTP header.

This means that your site is intentionally preventing our code from reading these values and passing them to the booking form.

To fix this problem, you should remove this meta tag or set its value to “unsafe-url” (which is less strict than origin-when-cross-origin).

You can read more about this feature here:
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