Gift Cards – Overview

Gift Cards – Overview

Gift Cards can be purchased by your Customers and can also be issued by an Admin on the account for a customer.  You can install the form on your website, or direct your customers to the Gift Card form with a link.

How it Works

  1. Customer fills out the form, fills out the text and, buys the gift card.
  2. Customer receives receipt.
  3. Recipient receives gift card with the gift card image and instructions on how to redeem (you can customize the email text)
  4. Recipient goes to website and inputs the gift card code into the discount field on the booking form
  5. If they do not use the entire amount, any balance is stored on the card (they can see their balance in their profile) and you can see the balance as well in the application.


Install the Gift Card Form

You simply copy and paste a widget into any page on your site:

  1. Go to Settings > Promotions > Gift Card Form Widget
  2. Go to the Paste the Gift Card Form into your site section
  3. Copy and paste the code into a page on your site



Link your Customers to the Gift Card Form

This method will send Customers from your site to the Gift Card Form on your Launch 27 site.

We provide you with the URL to the form that you can direct your Customers to:

  1. Go to Settings > Booking Form Widget
  2. Go to the Share a Link section
  3. Copy the code
  4. Add it as a link on your site (i.e. a navigation link or button)

*Note: In order for the gift card form to work properly, you MUST have your account linked to stripe and the option to accept credit card payments on*


Edit your Gift Card Form

You can edit your gift card form by going to your Default Form Designer in your Settings. So basically, anything that is changed here, will reflect on your gift card form.

You can access the Default Form Designer by going to:

  1. Settings > Booking Form > Default Form Designer


In addition to that, if you would also like to edit the gift cards that are shown on the page, you can do so by going to:

  1. Settings > Promotions > Gift Cards



Issue a Gift Card for Free

Admins may now issue gift cards for free (Note: Staff may not issue free gift cards, only ADMINs are allowed to) .

  1. Go to Settings > Promotions > Gift Cards
  2. Click Issue Gift Card.


3. You can create a gift card with the option of paying for it with a credit card, or issuing it for free.



Refund a Gift Card

You can refund a gift card purchase by:

  1. Settings > Promotions > Gift Card
  2. select the Gift Cards Sold tab
  3. locate the gift card > Settings gear > Refund Gift Card Purchase
  4. enter the amount to refund
  5. Refund



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