Google Analytics Conversion Goals for Booking

Google Analytics Conversion Goals for Booking

A conversion is when somebody books an appointment on your booking form. Every time a customer books an appointment on your form, Launch 27 sends this ‘conversion url’ to Google Analytics that you can use to create goals: 


Google Analytics lets us use this conversion url to create goals that will help you figure out which websites (or ad campaigns) are sending you the most customers.

Here’s what the URL will look like in your Analytics Reports:


Step 1: Enable Google Analytics in your Launch 27 Account

Please follow the following directions to enable Google Analytics in your Launch 27 Account:
Installing Google Analytics on your Booking Form

Step 2: Create a Goal in Google Analytics

Click here to Add these Goals to your Account without having to set them up manually.

Note: You must create a Booking on your site before you are able to see goal data in Google Analytics.

  1. Click the Admin link at the top of the page
  2. Choose your Account, Property and View
  3. Click Goals
  4. Click the New Goal button
  5. Choose Custom, then click Next step
  6. Enter ‘Booking Created’ as the Name
  7. Choose Destination as the Type, then click Next Step
  8. Paste this into the Destination: /virtual-pageview/booking/widget/success.htm
  9. Click Create Goal


Tracking Other Types of Goals

You can also track the following goals by following the steps above and replacing the with the following URLs instead:

  • Booking Created by Staff: /virtual-pageview/booking/staff-form/success.htm
  • Booking Created via Customer Self-Service Login: /virtual-pageview/booking/customer-form/success.htm
  • Gift Card Purchased: /virtual-pageview/giftcard/widget/success.htm


Step 3: Enable Ecommerce Tracking

Launch 27 sends Google Analytics ecommerce data too including Revenue. Its another cool, intuitive way you can track conversions.

  1. Click the Admin link at the top of the page
  2. Choose your AccountProperty and View
  3. Click Ecommerce Settings
  4. Change the Status to On , then click Next step 
  5. Leave the settings as is, then click Submit

Optional: Use Events for Goals

If you would like to use events for conversion goals instead, use these values:


Category: Booking
Action: Complete

  • Widget (use this for bookings created via the booking form on your site)
  • Staff Form (use this for bookings created by Staff)
  • Customer Form (use this for bookings created Customers via the self-service login)

Gift Cards

Category: Gift Card
Action: Purchased
Label: Widget

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