How to Set up Hourly Wages for Teams

Set Up Hourly Wages – Overview

You have the option of setting up your teams’ wages to be an hourly rate. Follow these instructions to set your account to use hourly wages:

Step 1: Create an Hourly Wage Method

The Wage Method for your account lets you specify which wage method to use for all of your teams at any given time. To use hourly wages, you have to create an Hourly Rate wage method. After you do so, the system will know to calculate your teams’ wages as hourly rates:

  1. Go to Settings > Wages Method
  2. Click Add Newhourly-wages-1
  3. Choose an Effective Date (i.e. the date you want the hourly wages to take effect)
  4. Choose Hourly as the Method
  5. Click Save

Step 2: Add a Default Hourly Wage for your Team (optional)

Each time you assign a team to a booking, you have to set their hourly rate and much time they worked.

If you set up a default hourly rate, you will save time from having to enter this info each time you assign the team.

  1. Go to Settings > People > Teams
  2. Choose the Team you want to add a default hourly wage for
  3. Click on the wage link under the Compensation section
    Add Wage to Team Profile - Launch27
  4. Click Add New
  5. Choose an Effective Date (i.e. the date you want the hourly wages to take effect
  6. Choose Hourly as the Wages Method
  7. Enter how much to pay the team per hourhourly-wages-4
  8. Click Save


Now when you assign a Team to a booking, you’ll see the default hourly wage automatically set for you. You can always change this value if you need to just for that booking:


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