Install Live Chat on your Site

Update: Launch27 no longer supports installing Live Chat into the customer self-service login for security reasons


You can install the live chat software of your choice (i.e. Olark, SnapEngage) into your Launch 27 site.

How to Install Live Chat

  1. Go to Settings -> Miscellaneous -> Live Chat
  2. Paste the live chat widget code you got from your Live Chat software provider into the text field.
  3. Click Save


When will Customers see my Live Chat widget?

Your Live Chat widget will be displayed when your Customers are logged into your site.

It will NOT be displayed in your Booking Form widget or your regular Booking Form.

How do I get Live Chat to appear on my Booking Form?

You can add your live chat widget on the same page that you added the Booking Form widget (just like you would any other page on your company website).

Why is the Live Chat not displayed in the Booking Form widget?

We do not display it the booking form widget because the widget has limited ‘screen real estate’, and it makes more sense to let you control where/how the Live Chat widget is displayed on your own company website’s booking page.

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