Multiple Addresses – Overview

If your customer has multiple addresses, you can enter the additional address in the address field, then select Add to Address Book.

Next time you create a booking for your customer, the new address will appear in the dropdown as an option.

The address dropdown will show:

  1. Each address that has been added to the customer’s Address Book
  2. Every address that was ever used to create a booking for this customer. Note: just because an address was used to create booking, it doesn’t mean we add it to the customer’s address book (aka their profile). We only add the address they used the very first time they booked and they did not already exist in the system

Your Customer can Manage their Addresses

  1. Your customer will need to log in to their account
  2. Select their name in the top right corner, then choose Manage Addresses
  3. Add New Address

Re-Book Last Service

This option will allow you to book the last service from the address currently entered in the address field. If your customer has had multiple bookings with different addresses, this will save you time from having to search through old bookings to view the last service at this particular address.

By selecting Re-Book Last Service, the system will choose the same services that were booked at this address last.

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