Add Notes to Team’s Availability Calendar


When a team needs the day off or makes changes to their schedule, Launch27 allows you to add notes so you can easily track why they had to change their schedule around.

This is helpful for Staff users as they plan out booking availability and dispatching teams to bookings etc.

How it Works

Any Staff user may add as many notes as they like to any date or range of dates to a team’s availability calendar. It also doesn’t matter whether the team is working on that date or not; notes can be added for any date without restriction.

Staff users may also edit any note even if the note was added by another staff user.

How to Add Notes to a Team’s Availability Calendar

  1. Go to Settings > People > Team Availability
  2. Choose the team whose availability you want to add notes toChoose team on team availability page
  3. Do any of the following:
    • click on any date the team is available
    • click the Change Availability button and choose Specific Date  or Request Time Off

    Click Change Availability to select a date to add note to

  4. Enter your notes into the Notes field and click Save
    Enter a note for this team

How to Edit/Delete Notes in a Team’s Availability Calendar

  1. Go to Settings > People > Team Availability
  2. Click on the note you want to edit/deleteClick on the Note you want to change
    Edit/Delete your note
  3. If editing the note, click the Edit button next to the note, make your changes, click Save next to the note
  4. If deleting the note, click the Delete button next to the note. You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the note. Click Ok
  5. Your changes to your note are now saved. You may either click the Close icon or the “Cancel” button on the main modal window if you do not need to make changes to the actual availability of the team for that date(s)
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